Aja Metal, which was founded by İbrahim Alpaydın in 2011, continues to serve as machine design, machine manufacturing and creative machine design. Our first degree business quality, our stable pricing policy and our contribution to business life by delivering the work we receive on time, to become a leader appreciated in our sector, to be a preferred company by proving our reliability in the eyes of the people and organizations we cooperate with, To be a company that everyone approves of its quality and steady rise. Continuing our feature of being the leading name of Aja Metal sector by developing our values ​​that enable us to be a company will be our biggest vision in the future as it is today.

We contribute to the economy of the country with our machines in our country and abroad, We are a special machine designer, manufacturer, mechanical and mechatronic machine specialist, We comply with quality in supplier selection, We adopt a systematic approach to the implementation of standard requirements and perfection in machine production. We follow and participate in domestic and international fairs.

We claim and prove that; In Turkey, both both individual machines and machine-building design of the highest quality and on time even though there is no other place that can be made as creative.